For First Responders who don’t want to
survive  in their career, but THRIVE in it...
How To Boost Your EnergyStamina 
and Recovery TimeWithout Spending Hours In The Gym and Kitchen

      • Do you have the best intentions of making  healthier lifestyle 
         changes, but you just don’t have the time or motivation?
      • Has the workout and nutrition plan you have  always used,
         stopped working for you over time on  the job?
If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, 
you are certainly not alone, and I’ve got you covered!
You understand the importance of  being in peak performance every day on the job because your safety and life depends on it.
911 Elite Performance Prep is a great way to  quickstart your journey to
every day on the job (and have more  time and energy at the end of shift and days off  for your family)


Committing to a large program when you are so exhausted and 
overwhelmed and have ZERO extra  time in your day 
can feel overwhelming, and chances are, 
you  have a ton of other things on your plate right now.
You want to be calm and have energy to play with your kids, work on your to do list or get to the gym, but that’s hard to do when you are absolutely exhausted (or let’s be honest: with your shifts finding any time for you is almost impossible?)
The good news is… there’s a MUCH
I’ve done ALL the work for you!

911 Elite Performance  Prep
For Police Officers and First Responders who want a quickstart course to
create a solid foundation of healthy lifestyle skills ...
How To Go From Surviving To Thriving In Your Career , 
Without Prescriptions, Stimulants and Overwhelm
911 Elite Performance Prep is
designed to EDUCATE, INFORM and
Each well-researched and carefully-crafted  lesson is in both audio and written format and contains simple, practical, helpful tips tailored  specifically to shift work and stresses of a First Responders job.
Lessons include:
1.  The Best Way To Take Stress Off Of Your Body 

2.  How To Get Out Of Fight Or Flight Instantly

3.  How To Eat On An Unpredictable Shift Work  Schedule 

4.  How To Exercise On Different Shifts?

5.  Simple Ways To Relieve Day To Day Stress

These five lessons are designed to get as much  stress off of your body as quick as possible without taking more than 10 minutes out of your day to incorporate each lesson.
Ahhh… Insert sigh of  relief here.
This 911 Elite Performance Prep gives you a  solid foundation for immediate stress relief  techniques that you can use during calls and an understanding of how to live, eat and be active on any shift schedule with all of the unknowns  that are thrown at you each and every shift (not a Mon - Fri 9-5 less stressed life) 

Have questions in the program?
We have you covered, ask any questions you have  about the lessons in the 911 Stress Management FB group and I will answer them for you there. No need  to coordinate schedules, which is never easy with your shift schedule. 

Can’t commit to working on the program daily  (shift work, OT, court, family duties) and are worried you will not get the most out of it? 
The program is available for you anytime day or  night on any device. (You can even do them on  your phone on night shift if you have time) 

Lessons take about 10 - 20 min to read or  listen(your choice) to learn and downloads with  action steps to implement right away. These action steps become a part of your daily life without the need of props or equipment or adding more time into  your already busy day. Brilliant! 

What if I am too exhausted to start?
The very first lesson is designed to take a HUGE  stress load off of your body and the Officers and  First Responders in the program are always  surprised with how much energy they gain and how clear their brain gets just from the first lesson. And your energy, brain fog, exhaustion, sleep issues, short fuse and other stress symptoms only improve with each and every lesson. 
The best part…
When you purchase 911 Elite Performance Prep,
you’ll get 5 in-depth stress reducing, energy
boosting, anger calming lessons for ONLY $47
At $47, you’ll get each lesson for less than $10!
Only $47
You have nothing to lose. 
You Get My Personal:
Try It And Love It Guarantee!
You can review this program for 30 days, and if you
don’t like it for any reason, simply request a refund.

No hard feelings.
Only $47
Quickstart Your Journey To Improve
THRIVE In Your Career With
911 Elite Performance Prep
You’ll get 5 career and life changing lessons, to
improve your performance on the job and enjoy your
time at home with your family.
This is the beginning of the next chapter of your life!
One where you get a solid sleep regardless of the shift, wake with 
energy that lasts your block of shifts with more left over for your
family, and your calm, cool, collected self will be able to peak
during every crisis and recovering quickly after.

Why wait? What have you got to lose?

Only $47
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