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911 Lifestyle by Andi Clark
My entire mission hinges on getting you solid sleeps, boosting your energy, calming your short fuse, and reversing your burnout so you can peak during crisis and recover quickly after so you are ready for the next.

1. By showing you that what you are experiencing may not be a mental health issue so you know that there is a way to thrive on a shift schedule with all of the unknowns thrown at you each and every shift - without prescriptions or overwhelm so you can peak during crisis and quickly recover after.
2. By making sure you’re in that elusive, small percentage of first responders who knows each of the 5 stress triggers and how to control them, so you can get a solid sleep , have a clear, calm mind and energy for your family and life outside of “the job”.
3. By teaching you my no BS strategies so you can take the guesswork out of it all, throw the overwhelm and ‘where-the-heck-do-I-starts’ to the curb. We ignore what the “non shift work strategies” tell you to do, and we get to WORK.

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What you’ll find in this FREE Training:
Discover That What You Are Experiencing May Not Be A Mental Health Issue
The new of reversing burnout so you can gain back your energy, stamina and recovery time. 
How To Gain Back Your Energy Without Needing Coffee, Energy Drinks, Sugar and Carbs To Stay Awake On Shift
What to do to fall asleep and stay asleep in 3 simple steps.
How To Calm Your Short Fuse & Stop Feeling Guilty  So You Can Enjoy Quality Time With Your Family   
How To Create Easy Lifestyle Habits That Work On A Shift Work Schedule With All Of the Unknowns Thrown At You Each And Every Shift
Learn Why You Are Experiencing Sleep Issues, Exhaustion, Brain Fog, Short Fuse, Digestive Issues,  Weight Gain You Can't Lose, Constand colds/flus/allergies, Nagging Injuries and more
Know It's Not Your Fault
And There Is A Way To Reverse And Prevent Them From Happening Again
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