How To Beat Fatigue 
and  Become An 
Elite First Responder 
Grab my FREE Guide So You Can A Solid Sleep, Wake with Energy, Become Calm, Peak During Crisis, Recover Quickly After And Have Energy Left For Your Family 
How To Beat Fatigue and Become An Elite First Responder
In this guide learn how to... 
  • Fall asleep faster  regardless of your shift and wake with energy
  • ​Calm your short fuse and become calmer and happier at work and home
  • Increase your energy during your waking hours so that you can peak during crisis 
  • Decrease the stress you place on your body and become proactive on preventing  burn out 
  • Maximize the results of your workouts so you can get back to being active and healthy again
About 911 Lifestyle

Andi Clark is known online as The Elite Trainer for Police and First Responders and creator of her signature program 911 Elite Performance. She’s the wife of a Police Officer and an expert in peak performance and how stress physically affects your body. 

 She is renowned for her ability to reverse and prevent burnout in First Responders, then help them regain their athletic conditioning, so they can thrive throughout their entire career—and family life—as well as her refreshingly relatable and no-BS approach.

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