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  •  Membership Site  - Use this to access your course and bonus material so you can instantly start improving your sleep energy and prevent burnout at your own pace, simply without overwhelm.  
  •  Coaching Calls - This will be invaluable in creating sustainable habits that are specific to you around improving your sleep, energy and preventing burnout so you can feel great again and get your life back
  • 911 Stress Management Group  - Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join in our supportive community solely for Police, their families and first responders who understand exactly what you are going through, so you can be held accountable and receive ongoing feedback and support
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If at any point in your first 30 days of access to Shift Work Cure, you decide that program isn’t for you, you can request a refund provided you have done all the work outlined in the first two modules of content including posting in the FB group so we can see that you have completed the homework.  

Note that no refunds or termination of a payment plan will be accepted after the 30 day money back guarantee window and you are responsible to remit the full enrollment fee.

The 30 Day period begins the day you get access to your program.

Special Early Bird Bonuses
Stress Medical Advisor Module ($1999 Value)
In this module our Stress Medical Advisor teach you how to support your body’s stress response system so you can continue to push your body through the demands of shift work and stresses of your job throughout your career.   

You will also learn how to simply get to sleep, stay asleep, boost your energy and prevent burnout without having to use prescriptions.   
Quick and Easy Stress Busting Meal and Snack Recipes For All Shifts ($199 Value)
In this module you will discover which foods to eat on each shift, so you have food for every situation and energy to last through your shift.   

You will also learn how to simply prepare meals and snacks without having to sacrifice hours in the kitchen.   

Immediate Sleep and Stress Relief Guide ($199 Value)
In this module you will discover how to quickly relieve stress, calm your mind when you are tired and wired and boost your energy throughout the day.   

You will also learn how to simply boost your immune system without having to use prescriptions and medicines.   
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